Horace Reid III

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A recognized authority in Full-Stack Web Development and coding using multiple platforms and tools, including Java, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS on Java Enterprise, WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, and enterprise-grade sites and applications on the LAMP stack, with an extensive skill set and certifications as SCRUM Master and Oracle Java Programmer.

A recognized expert in all engineering and technical elements of product development within a rapidly changing consumer-facing digital ecosystem.

Technical Skills

Web Development
PHP 5.x | Laravel 5.x | ReactJS + Redux | JavaScript | Typescript | Java EE6 | CDI | Spring MVC | Web Services (WSDL, SOAP, REST) | CSS3 | SASS | Zend Framework 2.x | SCM (SVN, Git) | Doctrine 2.x (ORM,DAL) | Structured Query Language (SQL) | HTML | HTML5

Web Containers, Servers & Deployment Tools
Drupal 6.x / 7.x / 8.x / Oracle 9i / 10g / 11i | Akamai (CDN) | LAMP | MySQL | Maven 3.x | WordPress 4.x | Apache Solr | Bamboo | Git CI | JBoss 6.x EAP | Varnish | Memcache | JMeter 2.x | Load Runner | Vagrant | NGINX | Ansible | NPM | Gulp | Grunt | Webpack

Profile of Notable Experience & Qualifications

20+ years experience developing enterprise websites for large and small organizations, contributing to consistent growth, articulating the best concepts, best practices and pitfalls to clients, making continuous improvements to process, workflow, and methodologies

Reputation for skills and leadership that often earns assignments to lead the most complex mission-critical projects, building a record of consistently delivering fully functional, quality-assured applications on time and within defined scope

Recognized for exemplary, results-oriented, proactive project leadership throughout the full Web development lifecycle, including object-oriented design, data modeling, task planning, coding, peer reviews, unit and functional testing, performance optimization, deployment and maintenance

Recognized by firm as the hardest working consultant with honorary award, leading to advancement for making company shine

Recommended by college professors for prestigious assignment to Brookhaven National Laboratory as Research Technician on the lab’s High Energy Particle Accelerator, largely for scoring the highest GPA in the Engineering department

Typically chosen as Project Technical Lead for readily grasping new technical concepts and in-depth understanding of business applications as applied to solutions, as well as strengths in speaking and writing, clearly conveying ideas to stakeholders and clarifying technical issues

A dynamic team leader and dedicated mentor valued for keeping teams focused, motivated, and optimally productive, always seeking to advance associates with best practices and quality focus

Effectively led high-visibility teams of 30 or more associates including front- and back-end developers, user interface developers, quality control staff, functional analysts, DevOps and consultants

Keen insight for solving complex business problems, meeting business goals and positioning companies to reach competitiveness by leveraging technology

Developed numerous innovative product development methodologies and tools to more readily identify and repair technical issues and enable best utilization of new business models

Always ensure software engineering quality by leading a meticulous code review process

Regularly interact with cross-functional teams to ensure complete timely delivery of Web applications, working with database administrators, front-end and theming developers; product owners, management, and other technical leads to ensure adherence to high quality standards

Led software design, coding and deployment of high quality Web applications and content management systems for the digitalized content of a major publishing conglomerate, as designated Technical Lead on most projects


@ Penguin Random House — Redesigned the penguin.com site in house, saving the cost of outside vendor estimated at $3M

@ Conde Nast Digital Publications

  • Built the RESTful Newsletters Web Service which solved high coupling dependencies between newsletter libraries and websites, providing much easier maintenance and newsletter functionality and avoiding need to schedule downtime to implement Java library upgrades
  • Built the Fashion Lookbooks Web application into the style.com site, integrating user interface with backend in meeting a tight six-week timeframe
    • Saved thousands of dollars on hardware costs by optimizing the content publishing process to meet the high demand during fashion show season, handling average 4 million pages daily by denormalizing the data for nearly instant search results — hitting 20 million page views with no glitches
    • Served as Technical Lead of 10 front and backend developers during website redesign
    • Delivered a more robust content management system to the editorial department using Velocity templates for online articles
    • Integrated WordPress into the J2EE stack via Quercus and created custom PHP filters to extend blogging functionality
    • Designed technical flexibility into the front end for dynamic ad placements and Vogue magazine subscription offers
  • Designed, coded and deployed The Upgrader (http://men.style.com/theupgrader), a product review and hotlist ratings application, based on J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, and AJAX technologies
  • Coded enhancements to user registration and marketing newsletter communications using the above-cited technologies
  • Led team of 20-30 front-end/backend and user interface developers, quality control staff, functional analysts, DevOps and consultants on relaunch of the wired.com site, recoded to use Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, Oracle, Teamsite Content Management System, and Lucene search technologies — employed Agile to meet strict deadline with acceptable scope and quality

@ ShadowTV

  • Solved the mystery of how to stitch video segments together in real-time to eliminate waiting for a background job to finish before a clip can be viewed. Rebranded as “On-demand” ShadowTV monitoring service, it captured video 24/7 in multiple major markets
  • Built the publish-subscribe messaging service to store closed-caption television data from multiple broadcasting markets nationwide, enabling customers to organically search text spoken on air, and segmented available channels to customers with upselling capabilities

Career History

Verizon Wireless – Cloud Platform Division - Warren, NY2016 (Rolling Off)
Full Stack JavaScript Engineering Consultant
  • Joined the Verizon Cloud Platform team to develop website for marketing information to internal private cloud customers.
  • Frontend - React, MobX, CSS3, HTML5, Jest, Webpack
  • Middle-tier - Docker, NodeJs, ExpressJs, MongoDB, Mongoose, Circle CI/CD
  • CMS / Backend - Docker, Wordpress Rest v2 API, MySQL, PHP
Consumer Reports - Yonkers, NY2016 (Contract Completed)
Full-Stack Web Consultant
  • Joined the Dynamic Rendering Solutions team to re-platform the consumer facing website using Laravel PHP Web framework on the backend and ReactJS + Redux on the frontend.
Aden Brook, INC - Montgomery, NY2015 - 2016 (Ongoing)
Full-Stack Web Consultant
  • Designed, developed, and maintain custom WordPress site for local Hay Farm in Montgomery, NY.
Bloom Metabolic Insights - White Plains, NY2015 - 2016 (Ongoing)
Full-Stack Web Consultant
  • Designed, developed, and maintain custom WordPress site for health wellness center in White Plains, NY.
Penguin Random House, LLC - New York, NYAugust 2012 - April 2016 (Client ended contract)
Full-Stack Web Consultant
  • Created custom WordPress plugins to connect to SOAP and REST services. Integrated Zend Forms, Validators, and HTTP components on WordPress stack to apply robust solutions for complex website projects
  • Applied CSS, SASS, HTML5, and JQuery front-end tools for aesthetic design and a rich user experience
  • Wrote RESTful endpoints using the Java Enterprise API for WordPress site consumption
  • Created the custom MVC WordPress plugin to route HTTP requests to controllers on top of WordPress routing API to separate presentation code from business logic
  • Implemented a Data Abstraction Layer using (ORM) Doctrine2 to map database tables to PHP objects
  • Created a Varnish VCL file to improve site performance
  • Expanded the custom MVC WordPress plugin from penguin.com onto the site
  • Provided PHP client stubs to consume Book Title REST services
  • Designed and implemented the Tag Warehouse RESTful service to roll up articles hosted by multiple divisional sites based on published book attributes or organic tags
  • Implemented TW in Java EE 6 to meet corporate security policies for persisting data to MySQL and Oracle databases
  • Adapted Java’s Context & Dependency Injection CDI feature to shorten development time by 30%
  • Transferred Java development knowledge to the internal Java team to provide new guidelines to ensure optimal building of the enterprise-grade Java applications, this project used as example
  • Promoted to Technical Lead on redesign of permissions.penguinrandomhouse.com
  • Implemented site using WordPress to meet company guidelines, despite consulting advisement to use Drupal CMS to take advantage of Drupal Forms API
  • Integrated Zend forms to compensate for WordPress’s lack of enterprise-level Forms API
  • Applied custom WordPress MVC plugin from penguin.com and penguinrandomhouse.com
  • Major contributor to redesign of authors.penguinrandomhouse.com
  • Enlisted for extensive Web development experience to apply the best possible software engineering methodologies
  • Connected site to Novell-backed REST user services for registration and user profile forms
Concep, INC. / Arent Fox, LLP - Washington DC2011 - 2012 (Contract Completed)
Full-Stack Web Consultant
  • Implemented digital strategy into a newly formed website for this Washington, DC law firm
  • Created various custom modules to meet the specialized requirements
  • Developed database migration scripts to move content from SQLServer Database to MySQL
  • Successfully deployed site onto Drupal 7 platform
  • Wrote custom build scripts to deploy site to multiple server environments
NYSE Euronext - Wall Street, New York2010 - 2011
Operator of the world’s largest and most liquid exchange group offering the most diverse array of financial products and services.
Technical Lead & Principal Engineer
  • Responsible for three sites - nysetechnologies.nyx.com | www.latencystats.com | exchanges.nyx.com
  • Led design and implementation of multiple website development using Drupal CMS Framework
  • Built custom Drupal modules for providing Web interfaces for faceless business functionality
  • Designed and implemented dynamic Web interactions using JQuery and Drupal custom modules
  • Led WSDL development using SOA contract-first approach to integrate third-party functionality into Drupal, .Net, and Java applications
  • Led up to 6 developers and testers during Fatwire CMS to Drupal migration effort for nysetechnologies.nyx.com and exchanges.nyx.com
  • Led developers in implementation of Incident Reporter app using Drupal, Java, and .Net technologies that interoperate via WSDL
Conde Nast Digital - New York, NY2005 - 2010
Publisher of Vogue, GQ, and New Yorker Luxary Magazines
Technical Lead & Development Manager
  • See Highlights for major accomplishments in this remarkable role
ShadowTV - New York, NY1998 - 2005
Online Video On Demand Streaming and Close-caption Indexing Service
Senior Web Applications Developer
  • Architected and built Java Web applications with requirements from all stakeholders
  • Data modeled and maintained 290 GB of relational data stored in Oracle 9i database
  • Designed, developed, tested and deployed ShadowTV v2.x patent-pending video-on-demand Internet-streaming delivery system
  • Led architectural design on a B2C J2EE application with potential to compete with Google and Yahoo Video, applying Agile Modeling to rapidly deploy incremental releases for stakeholder feedback
  • See Highlights for other major accomplishments in this remarkable role
GE Capital - Stamford, CT1996 - 1998
Java / JavaScript Web Programmer Consultant
  • Designed and developed an online project tracking system using Java with Oracle database backend
  • Designed and developed a risk assessment Web application for GE CFO using server side JavaScript
  • Developed a Web application user interface to GE Corporate World Organization Oracle database

Education & Certifications

B.S. Software Development, Western Governors University, 2017

A.S. Engineering Science City University of NY - Bronx Community College, 1996

CompTIA A+ Certification, 2017

CompTIA Project+ Certification, 2017

CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist Certification, 2017

Oracle Certified Associate & Professional Java SE 7 Programmer, 2016